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In India, there are more than 375 million cell phone users and more than 40 million landline users. Clearly, the opportunity to connect & attract guests over the telephone is huge. But there is one big complication! In these times of high awareness of credit card frauds, your guests are naturally reluctant to reveal their confidential credit card details to an unknown telesales executive. This paranoia will eventually lead them to abandon their phone booking altogether. However, even if they reveal their card details, you run the risk of having one of your employees misuse the guests’ card details, which can cause permanent damage to your hotel brand.

So, how can you maximize your hotel sales through the telephone and yet keep yourself protected against abuse of your guests’ precious card data?

Welcome to ResAvenue® PhonePay, a new secure telephone based solution that will give your guests the power of making credit card payments over the telephone securely. With ResAvenue® PhonePay, your telesales executive can simply close a sale over the phone, generate a booking ID and securely collect payments against that ID through an automated voice prompt driven IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System. The guest enters the confidential details related to the payment (such as card number, Expiry Date, CVV number etc.) through the telephone’s keypad and instantly completes the booking process. The sensitive card information gets input directly into the secure system without exposure to the third party. Hence, even your telesales executive managing the sale will not be privy to the credit card details.

Here are some of the benefits of using the ResAvenue® PhonePay Solution:

Broaden Your Market Base
With more than 400 million phone users in India (and growing!), ResAvenue® PhonePay allows you to collect real time secure payments from millions of guests, who were previously not reachable by your website alone.

Offer an Array of Payment Options to your guests
ResAvenue® PhonePay is a multi-payment solution. You can accept payments from guests’ holding – Visa, American Express, JCB and Diners Club credit cards and ITZ Cash cards. The wide variety of payment options will enable you to capture market share from multiple target audiences easily.

Note: The ResAvenue® PhonePay also supports MasterCard as a payment option. However, you will need to take a few additional steps to activate this payment option. Please contact the ResAvenue team at and put the subject line as "Interested in activating MasterCard in the ResAvenue® PhonePay Solution". Also, please note that Debit Cards and Net Banking transactions cannot be processed on any IVR solution because of Card companies and Acquiring bank rules and regulations.

Offer Convenient Language Options
ResAvenue® PhonePay is a multi-lingual solution. Currently, the system is configured for two languages - English and Hindi. We will endeavor to add more and more regional languages in the coming days.

Provide Sophisticated Phone Technology
ResAvenue® PhonePay employs an advanced and sophisticated phone technology - ‘Interactive Voice Response System’ (IVRS) that allows a computer to detect touch-tones during a normal phone call. So, when a guest calls the number in your ad or brochure, he is directed through the booking and payment process by pre-recorded voice prompts. This systematic process will enable your guests to make a reservation in your hotel via mobile phones or landlines without any hassles.

Minimize Transaction Risks
Even in the most secure and process driven customer service operations, it just takes a few seconds, by just one bad employee to misuse the credit card details of your guest. The fall-out of such misuse is not only in terms of the financial and legal risks, but it can also have an adverse impact on your carefully built hotel brand. The ResAvenue® PhonePay solution allows you to collect credit card payments from your guests without your agents knowing the credit-card details. It gives your guests much-needed security to transact comfortably with you on the phone and you can receive credit card details from the guests in the form of touch-tone (DTMF) inputs, which cannot be deciphered by your telesales agent by ear.

Provide Complete Risk Mitigation of PhonePay Bookings
Each and every booking made through the ResAvenue® PhonePay Solution is scanned for risk factors and flagged as risk prone transaction on identification of risk, which is verified by our qualified Risk Management team. ResAvenue® PhonePay Bookings are mapped with a comprehensive negative database that maps every new processed booking against previous negative database of fraudulent bookings. ResAvenue has developed an advanced risk mitigation engine that has a comprehensive negative database which has been built over the years from fraudulent bookings that have taken place in the past. If any fraudster has perpetrated fraud, then you will be warned of these High Risk transactions, so that you do not face any charge back related losses.

Utilizing the ResAvenue® PhonePay system will free your staff from routine payment processing calls; increase overall customer service productivity for more pressing issues and give your guests total confidence in paying you through a secure system rather than giving out the card number to your telesales executives on phone.

ResAvenue® PhonePay benefits include:
  • 24x7 Operations
  • Real-Time Credit Card / ITZ Cash Cards Processing
  • Biggest Bouquet of Credit Cards / Cash Card processed
  • Real-Time Web Reporting and Statistics via Web Interface
  • 100% PCI Compliant Credit Card Processing for maximum security
  • In-Built Risk Management Engine to mitigate frauds and avoid chargeback related losses
  • Your ResAvenue account works for both your website as well as phone sales.

Sign up Process
To avail of this service, please email the ResAvenue team at with the subject line "Interested in ResAvenue® PhonePay Solution".

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