An expert insight into working on a Facebook App.

July 20, 2011

As an hotelier or a travel marketer, you need to be fully aware of and need to comply with Facebook's ever changing idea developments and 'App' generations. This is essential for companies, as they need to keep themselves up-to-date for faster progress checks. This is especially true for travel companies. Facebook with its 500+ million users has many travel apps that can help you attract guests to your website and ultimately, through your hotel's doors. Some of the popularly used Travel Apps on Facebook are 'Kayak', 'TravelPromoter', 'HotelsWithMe' and 'TripAdvisor' etc.

According to a leading industry expert, you can use your Facebook App as an exclusive means of communication with your guests. You should focus on what will be user-significant and what will attract them. Local currencies, local languages and content; this is what the users are looking for. Ultimately, it is imperative that the language used by you is 'Facebook style' (without any corporate jargon), like a friend would talk to you. You also need to formulate a promotional activity to create an understanding about the App. When you extend alluring offers to the Facebook fans like special deals, discount codes and exclusive travel plans etc, it boosts your chances of sales. This will ensure constant additions to the number of your App members through a chain reaction; making your website/page extremely popular.

Another benefit of using a Facebook travel app is that it encourages group buying which will further your aim of increased sales. Group buying is not an alien concept in the travel industry. Travel tours have been around and have enjoyed continuous popularity over the years. By bringing it to the world's biggest social network i.e. 'Facebook', you can make it convenient for families, colleagues and friends who are already linked on the site to come together, discuss and make travel decisions on Facebook. Your Facebook travel app becomes a common platform for friends, families and colleagues thereby allowing them to collectively choose and book a hotel, making sure that everyone is happy with the choice. This eliminates the need for the group to sit in front of the same computer.

An interesting feature that can be incorporated into your Facebook App on the very same page is a 'Chat' feature, wherein the interested people can have on the spot discussions regarding planning their trip etc, which ultimately helps them to reach a consensus.

When used optimally, Facebook travel apps and group buying make a winning combination for you and your guests.
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