Take your Hotel Inventory Online at Zero Cost.

Would you dare to play professional cricket without the support of good bowlers? Or for that matter, play a competitive game of football without the protection provided by a goal keeper? Of course you wouldn’t. After all, if you walk into the field with an incomplete team, you would be making it very easy for the competition to walk all over you. In the same manner, how do you expect to win the battle to corner business from the online traveler segment without empowering your hotel with a full service ecommerce enabled website?

A hotel website can do much more than just provide guests with information about your hotel. It serves as your `always there’ online sales engine that will distribute your inventory to the furthest places across the globe; it will actively sell your inventory 24 x 7; and it will help you close sale online in real time. Moreover, by selling direct-to-customer you will increase your profitability while reducing the amount paid in commissions.

So, start taking steps to take your inventory online and make it easily available to guests, or else, you will lose bookings to competitors who are online.

You are probably held back by your perception that the numbers don’t add up. After all, you have to consider the cost of building an eCommerce enabled website complete with a booking engine and a payment gateway. Then you have to go about marketing the website and bring in sales. On the other hand, your third party sales channels are already bringing in sales for a commission. So you would rather pay them a small commission instead of taking all the effort to build an online brand through your hotel website.

Think again. Taking your hotel online now is the best thing you could do for your hotel’s future. Travelers’ today prefer to book directly online at the hotel’s website, even if they seek information and details from other third party websites. Therefore ensuring that you cater to this segment is very important. These are the customers who are more likely to be loyal returning customers who will provide the hotel with immense value in their lifecycles. Using a software driven CRM program, they are also cheaper to reach in the long run.

If your worry is about investing money to go online without having anything to show as results in the near future, then you should consider signing up for ResAvenue’s Zero Setup Fee ‘Popular Scheme’. This scheme requires absolutely no starting investment from you to set up an account and run it. You only pay a nominal 6% transaction fee when a guest makes a booking on your hotel website through ResAvenue. The remaining amount will be paid by the guest at your front desk. This way you get a full service booking engine on your hotel website at zero set up cost and pay only for performance.

Today, ResAvenue is the preferred hospitality solution amongst Indian hoteliers. The ResAvenue Popular Scheme is specially designed for hotel properties who wish to use their own website to sell more rooms and offer an online reservation facility to their guests without making an investment in software and IT hardware. After all, your most profitable sales will always be DIRECT to the guest. Sales achieved through your website using ResAvenue will always be more profitable than the sales achieved from 3rd party intermediaries. Through ResAvenue, guests benefit from instantly confirmed, credit card guaranteed reservations at the best rates online, while the Hotel enjoys improved profitability, minimized no-show risk, increased occupancy and enhanced guest loyalty for an all-inclusive service fee of 6%. Need more information about ResAvenue’s popular Scheme? Click Here

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